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There are just so many web portal that does what this website does which is talk about the latest news every day, day in and out. However, I guess this portal is a bit distinct from the others because as the writer of some of the news featured here, I also created this website instead of depend on other people to help me create it. You can say that I am the Jane of all trades.

In today's environment where people like everything to be served on a platter, I prefer things the other way around. I choose what is served on my platter and I mix and match them to my liking. I guess that is the good thing about having some knowledge about IT -- I say some, not much, because IT is such a vast treasure vault. It would take an entire lifetime to explore what it has to offer and even then, I don't think I would ever know all. I would probably know 0.0000000000001% or less by the time I die.

And because of that knowledge - that I probably won't ever master anything much - leads me to my second way of thinking ->> let's just do it instead of wait until I know everything which is an impossibility in this lifetime.

So, this is life for me. I write for a living, and I customise websites for fun. In addition, I create fabric bags, sew my own curtains and pillow cases and whatever else comes to mind. I draw most of the paintings that adorn the walls of my house. If I could, I'd probably hammer my own chairs and tables and cabinets and most probably, the house of my dreams.

How did I put this website together?

I kind of dislike it when people say creating a website is easy because it is not. It is hard work. Really hard work. And some people think that the moment they acquire a website theme, then it would be easy to create a website. It isn't. Believe me, I should know. Getting a new theme is like acquiring another subject at school. You have to read through the documentation and curse the author for leaving out important details that would have made life so much easier for you. But that is how living as a website developer is like. I've lost a lot of hairs since I started, but I still enjoy what I am doing, so why not continue?

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