Luyang assemblyman, Ginger Phoong.

Foh Sang CNY Night Market recorded 50k views online! - Luyang rep

KOTA KINABALU: DAP Luyang State Assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe organized a successful online night market event that attracted 50 thousand views and 80 thousand engagements, a new norm of festival celebrations during the pandemic. 

Phoong as the organizer thank everyone at the end of the event to express his appreciation upon the support from the public as the live hit a peak of one thousand viewers for two hours straight. 

Luyang assemblyman, Ginger Phoong.
Luyang assemblyman, Ginger Phoong.

Former Chief Minister Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal also appeared in the event as guest of honour to officiate the ceremony while Phoong and Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Chan Foong Hin helped local businesses to boost their sales online.

The night market also had local famous artists BigHead, Peter and Grace as hosts to host the five hour long event. The artists also enjoyed the experience and enhance the atmosphere of the event. 

"From planning to operating, we only used approximately 5 days for this night market," said Phoong.

His team initiated this event to replace the annual physical night market that would be held at Foh Sang, Luyang.

"We know amid the pandemic, we cannot be celebrating together physically but I hope this event could share the joy of Chinese New Year with everyone," expressed Phoong.

The night market also featured famous Youtubers and performers such as Soya Plan, Jasmine Chong, Jacinta Chia, 4AG, Jovy Chong and more. 

There was also traditional chinese orchestra performances from Kota Kinabalu Chinese Orchestra and Kian Kok Chinese Orchestra. 

At the beginning of the event, DAPSY Kota Kinabalu Secretary Jolin Puan introduced audiences to local well known stalls to order snacks and meals. 

After that, performances were also  screened online and then Phoong together with MP KK Chan Foong Hin helped local hawkers to sell their products online.

"Of course, we also acknowledge our shortcomings as we faced a lot of technical challenges throughout the night.

"With Facebook updated New Page Features we could not message those who comment immediately which caused inconvenience to the public.

"I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to the public and I am determined to learn humbly from our mistakes to ensure improvements in the future," said Phoong on his Facebook post.

Phoong also commended all who helped and co-organized the event, naming sponsor K2, Technical support Kenny and Sound Tech Production, Technical comrade Mr Ting and LA Production Alvin, Ideology Design Studio, E-platform partners Eklan, DAPSY Members and all volunteers. 

Phoong then announced that he will be going on livestream tomorrow for the event's lucky draw session featuring a grand prize of a treadmill, Nintendo switch and an indoor bicycle. 

The main theme of the night market is "staying safe is the new reunion". 

"'Many families might be stranded all over the World and not able to return home this year to celebrate Chinese New Year but staying safe and healthy this year is what matters,"

"This year, staying safe and healthy is our new reunion and I believe we can be meeting everyone physically soon after the pandemic is gone," said Phoong

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