People are busy saving their life, but yet forget to save their soul

There is a phrase somewhere in the Bible: Anyone who save their own life, will lose it, and vice versa. Today, out of nowhere the thought of people becoming so busy to save their life that they forget to save their soul. I pondered about this. How true it is in the present scenario of Covid-19. How many people are actually 'putting on sack clothes and getting down on their knees to pray'? I don't think there are many people doing that. We live in a scientific world where things that are unseen are considered non-existent. Yet we believe that there is connectivity in wireless connections, which is also invisible to the human eye. Day after day, science is discovering unseen energy and one such energy is that wi-fi. Even air is invisible to the naked eye, and we don't really think much about its importance until we find ourselves gasping for air. There is even scientists who question the existence of the soul and believes that once a person dies, it cease to exist. They say there is no heaven and no hell. No wonder life is so depressing for so many people.

There are also many people questioning whether Covid-19 truly exist. There are people who question everything. For such people, no amount of proof is never enough. It is true then what has been said. Even if someone returns from the dead, some people will not turn away from their own dark nature and disbelief. So in a way, it is a waste of time to try to change other peoples mind. I find that it is better to just share, and let other people do their own pondering and make up their own mind.

For me, what is life without thinking of God. He is like a tree, and I, one of his branches. If I detach myself from him, I will dry up and wither. Chasing after the world and detaching from the tree of life is what many are doing. I have done the same too, in the past. Fortunately, with God, one can reattach to the tree that gives life. He is that all forgiving father, who waits by the door, waiting for his son to come home.

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