People who likes to belittle others...

I know of someone, who is quite high up in the ranks. He likes to belittle other people. I call him the perfectionist. In a way, this person is a bully since he seems to enjoy it when he puts people down. As much as I try to be kind, I find I cannot like this person. He can dress up to the nines, and pretend to be the perfect host -- but I know he is not nice and his kindness is fake.

It isn't always easy to like everyone. There will always be someone whom you find difficult to get along with. I find one particular person filling this role. But it is funny because even though I dislike him, I have to deal with him, once in a while due to the nature of my work. He also has to deal with me, once in a while, due to the nature of his work. So, in a way, despite my dislike, I have to overcome it and just smile as if we're friends. But we're not really. The older I have become, the more I realise that not everyone will be a friend to me. The more I learn about caring for myself and being kind to myself, the more I realise that it is alright to not be friends with everyone. But of course, that doesn't mean being unkind if and when I see him or them. Living with the regret of being unkind is the worst kind. I don't think I want to live with such regrets anymore.

In any case, I have learned this in my years of dealing with people:

  1. Never call someone of a higher rank your friend unless they do it first. It might hurt their pride, especially when they are in the company of other high ranking personnel.
  2. Never call a rich person your friend when you don't share the same status. Unless they call you their friend first. Otherwise, they would think you want to ride on their success.
  3. That it is better to sit alone in a humble coffee shop and enjoy your food which you pay for yourself, than sit with a rich person who would later belittle you by saying he paid for your food. In the end, you'd wish you could vomit the food he served.
  4. That the higher a person's status, the less able they are to be humble. Don't expect them to stoop down to your level because they might trip and fall over. Remember, they are not agile like a ballerina.

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