Habakkuk 3:3

I didn't mean to read this phrase in the Bible. Coincidentally, the pages were opened by the wind from my blowing fan. And when I peered, which I do every now and then to see and read the words of God, I was at Habakkuk 3:3.

What is Habakkuk 3:3? It is this: "God is coming again from Edom; the holy God is coming for the hills of Paran. His splendour covers the heavens; and the earth is full of his praise. He comes with the brightness of lightning; light flashes from his hand, there where his power is hidden. He sends disease before him and commands death to follow him. When he stops, the earth shakes; at his glance the nations tremble. The eternal mountains are shattered; the everlasting hills sink down, the hills where he walked in ancient times."

Those who have ears, let them hear.

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