Death of another young actress in South Korea

It is disturbing to hear of a young person perishing. I won't even try to imagine how their parents are managing with the death. I have come across some parents who put on a show and look as if they have everything under control, yet the moment all the guests leave, they break down. Especially the mother. It is the worst of all fates, as far as parents are concerned. Because parents put so much hope on their children. So much love. So yes, it breaks my heart when I hear of a young person dying, either by suicide or by other means. It is just sad.

I have been binging on South Korean dramas since last year, all thanks to the Coronavirus, more popularly known now as the Covid-19. Previously, it was even called the Wuhan virus since it allegedly started from there. Anyway, due to the lockdown and movement control order to help bring the number of new infections down, I ended up watching South Korean dramas. What I notice is that most of these dramas has that element of 'suicide' in them. It makes me wonder if the element of suicide is being promoted by all these films? Are they successful? From the number of deaths I have come to noticed due to suicide in that country, there may be some element of truth that 'suicide' has been made fashionable. Again, films are leading the way, as it has done for decades -- setting examples and glamourising elements that should be frowned on and should be dissuaded instead of promoted.

For example, we're seeing a lot of 'angry' people roaming the streets. When I see them, I see some familiar elements that I've seen, almost always from films. When people race in their cars, it reminds me of 'Fast and Furious'. Isn't it strange that each time there are new sequels of the 'Fast and Furious', there are more accidents involving young people on the road? Coincident? I am sure there are many books on the shelves that are equally promoting negative values, but I have to admit, I only read books that touches my interest and they are not always a "New York bestseller" or whatever bestseller. Not all bestsellers are worth reading just as not all films are worth watching.

For these reasons, I've often preferred to have the television off rather than on. We didn't even have a television for two years after moving to our own house. And now, we don't really spend our every waking hours watching television, although we do spend so much time watching the computer screen. It may bring about the same harm. Eventually. It all depends what we opt to feed ourselves with. After all, it is true, what we consume becomes us. And this also applies to the information we feed ourselves with.

Perhaps, that is why I've become selective of the books I read and movies I watch. People are talking how great Keanu Reeves is in "John Wick". I am a great fan of Keanu, but it is too violent a film to enjoy. And it promotes violence. It glorifies violence. Whatever they say -- it is just a show -- it isn't true. It is affecting everyone who watches it. Slowly and surely, it will eventually come out. Anyway, we are already seeing what decades of violent films have done to the minds of our young people. We have many angry young people who lack discipline, who doesn't like instruction and prefers to be served rather than learn to have that spirit of servitude and humility.

It is a dangerous world we live in now. We welcome our enemies right to our own private family room and allow our little ones to absorb lessons of violence, irresponsibility and hatred. For years, the only lesson I have garnered from any of the Hollywood films I watched is that revenge is good and that hatred is sweet. The protagonist is never really that great a personality either. They set bad examples. So, if people feel hopeless now, is it surprising? We're surrounded by such negative elements wherever we go. If anyone wants to live a full life, they need to start feeding their mind and hearts with good things, good words, good books, good movies, good friends. More importantly, everyone should start re-learning how to pray. Pray for good things, pray as if you're talking with your best friend. Praying, when done daily, brings you good energy. Suddenly, you'll find that the same trouble doesn't trouble you as much and you have peace of mind even though all around you, people are saying you should be worried and scared.

And through praying, we may even save our own life from our own hands. For a start, especially for those with suicidal thoughts, pray this "Protect me even from myself for I am capable of horrendous deeds." And end with an Amen.

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