Making handbags and how it can help improve your health…

Sometimes, it is difficult to find the bag of your dreams, so what better way than to create it all, based on what you have in your mind, right? I love creating bags, although at times, many times that is, I, like the rest of the human kind, gets caught in the race and it is difficult to find the time to do all that’s necessary in bag making — the designing, the pattern cutting, the undoing of mistakes, the re-doing of mistakes, until finally, I come up with a finished product that I truly love.

This is one of my fave design, and unfortunately, I made only two (oops three) of such — one used by me, and the other by my daughter. There are no other like it, which is the beauty of handmade.  Since then, I have received countless offers to make more, but time, which is the essence to anything that requires patience to make, is missing. But I must make time, for time flees ever so swiftly if we don’t take advantage of the “now”.

Another one of my handmade design for Syron, so I guess there are actually three in the whole world using this pattern.

What I learn from my sewing bags

There are people who do not think much about the effort placed in sewing — any type of sewing, that is. When you make a bag, your creativity is crucial and you must be bold in expressing it. Being ashamed of your creativity, even when people mock you and make fun of your work is not acceptable. You have to be brave and defend your work. Otherwise, you will never make another creation.

Love what you make, no matter how imperfect it may seem to others. For you, its maker, be happy. Just like God is happy with all of us, for we are His works.

Patience is also something I acquired. Living in a world that is rushing all the time, a person who takes time to accomplish things is often frowned at, instead of being noticed as someone who makes the effort to ensure everything is perfectly done. I cannot be rushed when I am doing a bag, and I won’t. I know I will just throw the finished product if I am rushed into doing things. Probably, that is why I will never be rich in my craft-making, but it doesn’t matter. I am not in this world to be rich, materially, but to serve.

My crafts teach me humility. Not everyone will see what you have made as beautiful. But its alright. Even if I wince because the criticism, it will all pass and keeps me humble, even though I really do not like ‘put downs’ as a means to have a rein on other people (I find such attitude prevalent among people who has a controlling behavior. Eventually, though, these people will find out they have no power to control anything, not even a single grey hair on their head). I realise that I cannot please everyone and that is that. Futile is the person who strives to make everyone happy.  Instead, do good, feel good and be happy, inside out.

Enjoying craft making even though it probably won’t ever pay all the bills for you  

Love your work even when no one else does…Another beautiful creation by me.

Don’t we all wish our other half could work while we embark on our craft making, oblivious to the struggles of life of paying bills etc, etc.,. But life being life, we cannot perpetually take advantage of our other half like that, otherwise, feelings of unhappiness will ensue.  If possible, perhaps, our craft can help make ends meet for our family?

Nevertheless, craft making doesn’t have to be just about making money, although in most cases, people will see what we have made, fall in love with them, and buy them. As people, we love crafting. Don’t you think so? Remember the Legos, the tree houses we always dream of but never created — well, the tree house is my dream while still a child, and I still think of it, once in a while.

Crafting is a great way to get rid of stress. So we acutely need it. While it may not be making a tree house, you can make something else. A table perhaps, or a book shelf, and as time progress, something more difficult and challenging. Eventually, we find out that we really are as creative as we are when we were kids. But now, we have the strength, ability and know how to make things into a reality.

But even if we don’t know how — it doesn’t matter. Forget about the term “Time waits for no man” because the truth is, we have no idea how much longer we will live on this earth. We read about a person going for a walk and dying a few hours later, and we are shocked. We realise that irrespective of our healthy lifestyle, our diets, the money in our bank account, we still cannot control the time we are going to die.

So, pick a craft and learn faithfully, diligently and enjoy yourself, just like a little child would. It is a perfect way to forget about the worries you have placed in your mind and heart and are tearing you down. Just be a child again. If the people around you are not happy, invite them in the journey and let them be children too. Remember, life is too short to be perpetually worry. Have fun, help others and turn every path you take into a path of roses for others, instead of thorns and weeds.

Soon you will discover life’s greatest secrets that are not secrets at all:

Children have no stress; children forgive easily; children carry no grudges — that’s why they are so happy.

And if we want to de-stress, get rid of the hypertension, the heart ailments and so many stress related diseases, we need to find a way to return to our childhood.

I have recently have gotten my blood pressure checked, and my nephew was surprised I had a perfect blood pressure. A lone mom, carrying three kids, paying all the bills — surely my blood pressure would be up the roof, right?

But I have learned the perfect way of living and steer away from all medication — live like a little child, forgive like a little child, carry no grudges. My craft making cannot endure hatred in my heart. It will show in the finished product. To make something beautiful, you must be beautiful inside out.

That’s it.


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