The Book of Timothy

Todays reading calls us to proclaim the good news to others. Many times we hear the Gospel, we see the vocation as leading religious life. But our primary calling is to be, first, Jesus disciple. We have a purpose in today's life. What have you achieved? For some of us, I have been praying for married life, but that is not our real vocation. That is part and parcel of how we reach our discipleship. Look at Timothy and Titus who gave up their life to serve God and fulfill God's plan.

When we were children, there were three important things to learn: to know God, to love God and to serve Him.

It is not enough to just know and love Him. The third -- to serve -- is the most lacking part of our Christian faith. To serve require us to humble many times and go down to other people and to be able to appreciate what God has given us. Today's Gospel is beautiful because Jesus tells His disciples they deserve their wages. God never short change us.

But many times, we fail to share our blessing and God's love to others. What we share usually are the loose change. We seldom talk about the Kingdom of God. Are we people of peace? Am I disciples of peace or chaos? All of us are reminded that our true vocation is discipleship, being servant of God and proclaiming the love of God to others.

As we continue in our faith, let us remember that you and I are called to be disciples.


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