Writing and Drawing are artistic expression

I have been told “I have no talent”. I must have developed some type of hard headed mentality because I simply don’t hear these words anymore — the ones uttered by the people around me, nor do I hear the ones that seem to cheer me on. For me, art is personal and if I like it, it is alright, and if I don’t, I just leave it for a while and come back to it later. Usually, given time, I start seeing the beauty of the artwork that I didn’t like in the beginning, and start liking it after all.

I write for a living. I work as  a Journalist. It is definitely something I enjoy and will continue to enjoy doing all the days of my life. My brother told my daughter that he found my old school report card where the teacher wrote that I would one day make a good reporter. How true those words have become. I love the reporting job. Absolutely.

In my spare time, whatever is left of it, I draw, I blog, I create crafts (more specifically, bags) and I am starting to do some wood crafts as well. I love cooking for my children, and for our faithful family cat “Gizmo”. Life has become, for me, an art, and I intend to make it a beautiful art to show to my maker one day. I have no ambition except for that, and of course to help my children get through school, university and eventually find work, marry and leave me all on my lonesome self. Yet, I think I will never be alone. Not really. My heart will always be filled with love for those I love.

girl by the river acrylic paint
Girl by the river.

I like painting pictures of the people I love. This one is of my daughter, Maya, standing on a bridge that overlooks the river. The view of the river has changed by now, and all the trees, some centuries old, were mowed by tractors. Just like that — everything has changed. It saddens me to see the nonchalant attitude of people concerning the destruction they cause as they go through their lives journey. Sometime, we meet such people.

Selfie by the Atkinson Clock Tower
Selfie by the Atkinson Clock Tower

This is again Maya, taking selfie by the Atkinson Clock. It was not an easy feat, as I depended on my memory rather than having a photograph of the clock in front of me. But eventually, it worked out just fine. I used acrylic for the two painting, and also painted another based on the famous work ‘Pieta’ which is the work of Renaissance sculpture by Michelangelo Buonarroti. It remains an unfinished work, as of now. Then there is a painting of my two boys, John and Jacob, when they were wee toddlers and a family painting, both of which are unfinished.

I have also started sketching, after witnessing the wonderful works of art my daughter and sons were creating. I am easily mesmerized by their creativity. It encourages me to hold a pen or pencil and start scribbling and sketching.

Unfinished...Maya and Nadja in pencil
Unfinished…Maya and Nadja in pencil

I also try to copy the work of other artists, how they play with lights, colours and so on. Like writing, artists also have their own signature, which may or may not be visible to them.

I love the waves in her drawing and I tried to mimic it. Not really succeeding, but again, it is alright. Everything is a learning process, as far as I am concerned.

Copying the work of an artist I come to enjoy.

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