KOTA KINABALU: Zara Boutique Hotel yesterday collaborated with the City Hall to come up with the 1,000 recycled bags made from left over banner materials.
The hotel’s managing director, Eliza Goh told press members yesterday that they have gathered supporters and friends of the hotel to help make at least 100 bags in support of the drive by the City Hall.
Present to assist in the drive yesterday were the wife of Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister, Datin Mary Yong and Sabah Attorney General, Datuk Mariati Robert.
Mariati when asked to comment about the drive said that it was a recycling effort geared at reducing the use of plastic bags among the public.
She urged the public to support the drive, stating that plastic bags were dangerous to marine creatures.
She also mentioned the death of several marine species, among them a dolphin which consumed several kilograms of plastic wastes several years ago here.
At the same time she also commended Zara Boutique Hotel for the job well done.
“As always, the hotel is one step ahead,” she said.
“It is good to see the response and I encourage the project so that materials can be reused,” she said.

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