With nature in Long Pasia


LONG Pasia is a village in Sipitang Sabah which is synonymous with nature and as home to the Lundayeh people. They are mostly paddy planters and hunters. They plant rice, yams, tapioca and sweet potatoes in their plantations and to complement this food they hunt for games.

Long Pasia
Maxson (right) with his guests.

The village is nestled in the valley, with houses built on the gentle slopes. At the flat land on the valley where the schools, clinic and shops are, runs a river.

Actually this is where three rivers meet one from the North, one from the East and merge to run towards the West. The unique part about this river is the colour which is almost red. It is not polluted, it is just coloured that way.

The village is participating in the homestay programme and many houses are earmarked as such. This is especially for houses that have good clean modern toilets, a compulsory requirement.

On the homestay programme activities, there are many and various. The Balang Homestay for instance offers a wide array of activities, according to Tour Guide, Maxson Balang.

“We have a river cruise that takes about 40 minutes. We take our guests down the river to bird watch and generally see the wild life along the river,” he shares adding that they also get to walk around the village experience the cool ambiance there.

“Besides that we also take them rafting. Not white water rafting but rafting slowly down the river on a bamboo raft. It’s an experience and also pit one’s prowess against nature.”

“Our highlight is the trek to the waterfalls. It is a good walk, a little challenging to those unused to the terrain.  I have guided many people to the waterfalls and they have nothing but praises for the sights.”

“Along the way, I showed them edible plants and herbs. This is of great interest to most of our guests, especially those who are not accustomed to the jungles.”

A river cruise

Maxson says the villagers’s knowledge of jungle food and medicinal plants  are derived from their ancestors  who had garnered such particulars through the generations.

Besides that, the people there also accord their guests with a taste of their traditional food, gathered from the forests.

“We serve them local food or  whatever we have, so they know what we eat here. I believe this enriches their homestay experience.” This way guests will go home with a rich knowledge of the people in their host country, he adds.

Long Pasia is four hours’ drive from Sipitang township and is accessible by four wheel drives.

Those who wish to visit this village may call Maxson at 011 17598169 for more information.- AVL/SFT

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