NADMA to be contacted immediately if 5.0 magnitude quake occurs at areas surrounding Mt Kinabalu

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March 9, 2018

Madius (left) and Sabah Meteorological Department director Azemi Daud.

KOTA KINABALU, March 9, 2018: The National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) must be notified immediately if earthquakes with magnitude of 5.0 and above are detected at areas surrounding Mt. Kinabalu.

MOSTI minister, Datuk Madius Tangau explained that this was crucial to safeguard climbers and workers who were at Mt Kinabalu at the time of the quake.

He said that the standard operating procedure only necessitate informing NADMA when the earthquake magnitude reaches 5.5 richter scale.

“But we are making an exception for Mt Kinabalu, since the lives of people (who are at the mountain) are at stake. Moreover, the mountain is fragile and rocks may break apart,” he said.

As of 5.54pm today, a total of three aftershocks have been recorded after the 5.2 magnitude quake that occurred 6.1″ north and 116.6″ east of Ranau. The cause of the earthquake yesterday was the Lobou-Lobou fault.

The last aftershock occurred at around 8am today, measuring 3.1 richter scale. Two other aftershocks that occurred were scaled at 2.8 and 3.2.

Ranau has experienced 151 quakes in 2015, 63  in 2016, 88 in 2017 and 22 this year.

15 Earthquake sensors worth RM12.1 million all in place

Since the earthquake in 2015 which took 18 lives, the government has established 15 new earthquake sensors in Sabah worth RM12.1 million.  All the sensors are in operation since 2016. Altogether there are now 28 earthquake sensing stations in Sabah.

Madius however interjected that earthquakes were unpredictable.

Download Mycuaca Apps

Madius has urged every Malaysian to download the Mycuaca apps.

“There are 37 million Malaysians and so far, only 60,000 downloads have taken place,” he said.




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