Latest 5.2 scale quake in Ranau unexpected

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The morning after the quake that hit Ranau...Mt Kinabalu standing majestically at the horizon.

One of the women with AMS being carried down.

KOTA KINABALU, March 9, 2018: TheĀ  5.2 magnitude earthquake that occurred at 16km south west of Ranau at 9.06pm yesterday was not expected.

Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) Geomorphology expert, Professor Dr Felix Tongkul said that they did not expect the earthquake to occur so soon.

The last major earthquake (6.0 magnitude) took place in June 5, 2015. A total of 18 people perished at Mt Kinabalu during that quake.

“We thought it would take several more years before another one occur,” he said.

The March 8 quake was felt by many people, not just in Ranau but also at various parts at Sabah’s west coast.

As a result of the quake, 239 people including 130 climbers who were at Panar LabanĀ  had to make their descent to Timpohon and the Kinabalu Park headquarters last night.

It was reported that landslides have occurred at some sections of the trail but they remained passable. These include the KM 1.5 of the trail which sustained some damage.

The last climber was reported to have arrived at the Timpohon Gate at about 4.20am today.

The Fire and Rescue Services Department, in their statement said that two female climbers experienced Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) and had to be carried down by the Mosart team.

All mountain activities have been suspended until further notice.


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