Keeping elephant-human conflicts at bay – WRU team undertakes exhausting elephant translocation operation

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TELUPID; Members of the Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) undertook a very exhausting operation to keep both elephants and villagers safe.
According to WRU acting director Dr Diana Ramirez, they spent yesterday morning to capture one of the female elephant that was said to be acting aggressive towards the villagers.
She said that the captured male named “Telupid”, on the other hand, was on his way to be released at a forest reserve far from the village.
The number of elephants that were now captured totaled six altogether.
“Day by day the team work with proper coordination¬† between WRU veterinarians, Dr Pakeeyaraj and Dr Laura Benedict, who were in charge of tranquilizing , sedation, health and animal welfare while SWD officers, Hussien and Jibius @JB are in charge of coordinating the operations such as translocation logistics and controlling the rest of the elephants by pushing them away back to the nearest forest reserve.”
She added that teams from the SWD/ WRU felt grateful to the villagers for their support and patience since the first day up until yesterday.
“We hope we can all work together and smooth until the end of the conflict,” she said.

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