Healthy and yummy fare at the Runway Cafe in Tanjung Aru

One look at the Runway Cafe’s serving for the month of October and only one description comes to mind: healthy.

Perhaps it is because I always associate “bean curds” and “greens” with keeping healthy, but hey, these food are gentle to the stomach, good for your waist and in keeping you slim so you won’t find me complaining. And of course, the taste is made ten times better because of the abalone sauce. I simply cannot ask for something better.

The bean curd came in two version — one with spinach and slices of abalone (so yummy) and the other without spinach and the abalone but with shredded mushroom. The person responsible for the serving, Chef Wong Chee Vui who hails from Membakut, Sabah explained that he used unsweetened soya milk and the white part of the egg to make the bean curd. It takes only about 10 minutes to make, so for those into a healthy fare, this may be something to learn and make yourself at home, or if you’re too lazy, just head on to the Runway cafe.

Garlic fried rice.
Yam Ring is a must in every Chinese menu.
Hiong Tai Mai
Also being promoted are specialty beverages in the form of the blended milky grass jelly, moon glwo, bandung sunset, iced coffee and tea mocktails. A word of advice, go for the blended milky grass jelly — its not too sweet, nor too bland. The milky taste is delicious and of course, I would like to add how healthy grass jellies are for you.
Chef Wong (2nd from left) introducing his new menu at the Runway Cafe.

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