Going Vegetarian at Venition

It is always a chore to find good places serving vegetarian food in Kota Kinabalu and the areas surrounding the city. Apart from one in Karamunsing and another one at Suria Sabah (names to be updated), I really cannot think of any. And I guess vegetarian food is not everyone’s liking as they are often bland tasting. That said however, the benefits of consuming a lot of vegetable are undeniable, hence the growing popularity of becoming vegetarian.

Braised Mock Duck with Mushrooms

I was quite pleased to be invited to sample the vegetarian offerings at Venition recently by Telca James. I was told that the menu was a new addition to their already comprehensive selection which range from dimsums to hearty family meals. The main course comprised of the Beancurd with Pumpkin Gravy, Braised Mocked Duck with Mushrooms, Bittergourd with Mock Siu Nyuk in Black Pepper Sauce, Curry Mock Lamb and Tang Hun with Black Fungus & Fuzhuk; all ideally eaten with a bowl of rice. My personal favourite was the Bittergourd with Mock Siu Nyuk in Black Pepper Sauce as I relish the bitter taste of the vegetable, not to mention the believe that eating this particular vegetable can help promote clean, clear and rosy skin. Also another favourite was the Tang Hun with Black Fungus & Fuzhuk just because I was raised eating Tang Hun and Fuzhuk and I just absolutely love them, despite their bland taste.

Bittergourd with mock siu nyuk in black pepper sauce.

In addition to the vegetarian delights, we were also served with Savoury Chicken Gizzard, Tom Yam Pop Corn Chicken, Deep Fried Spicy Chicken Crisps, Honey Chicken Crisps, Chicken Boxing, Salt & Pepper Squid and Prawn Fritters, which everyone might gather already, are not so vegetarian. These were delightfully tasty, particularly the Salt & Pepper Squid (which I had more than I usually would) and the Prawn Fritters (my favourite anytime of day). The chicken were crispy — something a mother would order for her little ones as they are deliciously appealing.

Three desserts were served: the Crispy Taro Puff, the Pumpkin Puff and the Papaya Puff. Unfortunately, I was full the the brim and could only sample the Pumpkin Puff, which was so “sedap”, by the way. It is something I would recommend to anyone visiting this restaurant in Penampang. I was told that the other two were delicious as well, but I think I will save it for another time.

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