Send me the list of the school needs, Mojigoh tells SMK Tansau


KG KETIAU, PUTATAN: Putatan Parliament Member, Datuk Dr Marcus Makin Mojigoh has requested SMK Tansau to provide him with the list of the school needs.

Speaking at the school’s Parents-Teachers Association meeting, Marcus commented on the dilapidated state of the school fence and the broken chairs and other school utilities.

He urged parents whose children attended the school to help out by helping fix the utilities that were broken.

“I am sure some of the parents are skilled in carrying out repairs. Help the school out,” he said in his speech.

He also expressed that he was sad at the school’s condition, stating that it was a school that people of Ketiau should be proud of.

He also spoke of the population growth at Kg Ketiau that has been brought about by the development of several properties developer such as Hap Seng.


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